Press release FiltaFry, Emsbüren, 02.04.2019

Mobile fryer service FiltaFry was among three companies to be honoured for outstanding commitment to sustainability at the Green Franchise Awards during yesterday’s gala event of the German Franchise Association in Berlin. Janny’s Eis received the overall award.

Compelling results

“Both the individual services of FiltaFry - still very new to the German market – as well as the results it achieved in terms of sustainability for its customers in the restaurant and catering industry convinced our 10-member jury, comprised of franchise and sustainability specialists”, said Torben Leif Brodersen, Chief Managing Director of the German Franchise Association. “Its development so far as a ‘green’ franchisor with specific options and opportunities for franchise partners also contributed to our decision”.

Reduced costs with more sustainability

Firstly, FiltaFry’s core business was examined carefully: mobile fryer cleaning and micro-level oil filtration enable restaurants, company canteens, university cafeterias or stadiums to reduce their frying oil quantity by up to 50%. They therefore save costs and make a not inconsiderable contribution to protecting the environment as well as resources. FiltaFry also means a significant reduction in workload and increased safety for kitchen staff.

Additional services complement the core business

FiltaFry also constantly develops new, complementary services, allowing the franchise partners to expand their portfolio and tap into new business areas. Since last year, FiltaFry offers the direct on-site manufacture of refrigeration seals, FiltaSeal. Its drainage service is brand new: it is based on living bacterial cultures which “eat away” blockages naturally.

“We are absolutely delighted to count among the ‘greenest’ franchise companies in the German-speaking market through our commitment to the conscious use of resources in the restaurant and catering trade”, said Jos van Aalst, FiltaFry Managing Director, Germany. “It is a wonderful acknowledgment of our franchise partners’ daily effort to protect the environment and combat the waste of resources.”

About the Green Franchise Award

The Green Franchise Award has been awarded to German-speaking franchise companies since 2013. In the selection process, all four sustainability pillars are evaluated: aside from economic sustainability, ecological, cultural and social impacts of the business also play a role. Consistent execution of positive measures as well as standardised implementation via the franchise partners are particularly taken into account.

About FiltaFry

FiltaFry – full-service mobile fryer management – was founded in 1996 in the UK and operates on a franchise basis. Today FiltaFry is established in many countries around the world and since 2015, is also active in Germany with FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH, which since 2018, belongs to the Filta Group. The concept consists of filtering and cleaning cooking oil and on-site fryer cleaning including the removal and professional disposal of waste oil. Upon request, FiltaFry delivers fresh oil and refills the fryers. Furthermore FiltaFry provides additional mobile services: the direct on-site manufacture of refrigerator seals and regular, organic drain cleaning and disinfection.

Customers include restaurants and snack bars, hotels, caterers, sports venues, leisure parks, and company and university canteens among many others. In 2017 FiltaFry was awarded the “Sustainability Project 2017” quality seal from the German Council for Sustainable Development and in 2018, the prize for excellence as a start-up from the German Institute for Service Quality. As a supplier, FiltaFry has been recommended with the Green Key eco-label since 2019 and has been distinguished in the same year as one of the three “greenest” franchise companies by the German Franchise Association. FiltaFry was among the companies nominated for the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the SME category. FiltaFry is a member of the German Franchise Association as well as the Greentable and United against Waste initiatives.

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