Press release FiltaFry, Emsbüren, 15.07.2019

Mobile fryer service selected from 800 candidates

After FiltaFry was honoured at the “Green Franchise Awards” in 2019 as one of the three “greenest” franchise companies, the unique mobile fryer service has now also been nominated for the 12th German Sustainability Award for the first time.

FiltaFry is nominated in the small- and medium-sized (SME) category, which is among the most important national awards for outstanding achievements in the area of sustainability. It is conferred annually by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e.V. (German Sustainability Award Foundation) in collaboration with the federal government to companies that have been particularly successful in addressing the ecological and social challenges of our time.

On the road for more sustainability in catering

Jos van Aalst, Managing Director of FiltaFry Germany, is delighted about this nomination: “To be among the companies nominated out of a total of 800 candidates reaffirms the success and significance of our work as well as our franchise partners’ daily dedication in saving frying oil. The challenges for restaurant and catering services in terms of saving resources, protecting the environment and reducing employee workload are significant. At FiltaFry we can make our contribution to tackling them through our service.”

The nomination is justified by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis e. V. in that FiltaFry’s innovative service solution contributes to a more sustainable catering and restaurant industry. Through a combination of fryer cleaning and filtration on a micro basis, the lifetime of the oil used by restaurateurs is extended by up to 100 per cent, resulting in a saving of up to 50 per cent. Oil that is definitively used up is disposed of by FiltaFry and further processed to biodiesel oil.

FiltaFry also advises chefs and cooks about how they can fry more efficiently and sparingly. One of the company’s additional sustainable services is the on-site replacement of refrigerator seals to avoid unnecessary energy waste in the kitchen. Within a year, it was possible for 240,000 litres of fryer oil to be saved, which means a reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 403,000kg.

More franchise partners provide more protection of resources

“In numerous cities and regions our franchisees are already operational, in some however we are looking for growth-oriented partners”, says van Aalst. “With every new franchisee, with every new customer, the amount of saved oil increases and the environment is less impacted.”

All nominees are invited to a jury round in which they present their strategies and activities in a more detailed manner. In September an independent expert committee under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Günther Bachmann, General Secretary of the Council for Sustainable Development, will select the top 3 and the winners. The expert jury incorporates economic, research, civil society and political aspects into the evaluation. The winners will be announced on 22 November 2019 in the framework of German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf.

About the German Sustainability Award

The German Sustainability Award is the national prize for outstanding achievements in sustainability in the economy, communities and research. With five competitions (including the Next Economy Award for “Green founders”), over 800 candidates and 2,000 guests at the event, the award is the largest of its kind in Europe. The prize is awarded by the Stiftung Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis in collaboration with the federal government, local umbrella organisations, trade associations, civil society organisations and research institutes. The presentation takes place on the occasion of German Sustainability Day in Düsseldorf, the most visited annual communication platform on sustainable development topics.

About FiltaFry

FiltaFry – full-service mobile fryer management – was founded in 1996 in the UK and operates on a franchise basis. Today FiltaFry is established in many countries around the world and since 2015, is also active in Germany with FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH, which since 2018, belongs to the Filta Group. The concept consists of filtering and cleaning cooking oil and on-site fryer cleaning including the removal and professional disposal of waste oil. Upon request, FiltaFry delivers fresh oil and refills the fryers. Furthermore FiltaFry provides additional mobile services: the direct on-site manufacture of refrigerator seals and regular, organic drain cleaning and disinfection.

Customers include restaurants and snack bars, hotels, caterers, sports venues, leisure parks, and company and university canteens among many others. In 2017 FiltaFry was awarded the “Sustainability Project 2017” quality seal from the German Council for Sustainable Development and in 2018, the prize for excellence as a start-up from the German Institute for Service Quality. As a supplier, FiltaFry has been recommended with the Green Key eco-label since 2019 and has been distinguished in the same year as one of the three “greenest” franchise companies by the German Franchise Association. FiltaFry was among the companies nominated for the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the SME category. FiltaFry is a member of the German Franchise Association as well as the Greentable and United against Waste initiatives.

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