Press release FiltaFry, Emsbüren, 19.11.2019

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For the first time, mobile fryer service FiltaFry is taking part in the leading trade fair for the hotel and gastronomy business in Stuttgart. It will also debut its entire mobile service programme for more sustainability in commercial kitchens to a larger specialized audience:

  • FiltaFry – Fryer service: The mobile fryer service includes professional fryer cleaning as well as oil filtration on a micro basis, which saves up to 50% of the oil. FiltaFry also delivers new oil, disposes of waste oil and provides complete documentation. With this unique service, restaurateurs and caterers fry in a more sustainable way and save costs. They always have clean fryers, flawless oil as well as reduce staff workload.
  • FiltaSeal – Sealing service: The direct replacement of refrigeration seals on site means that the long wait for new seals in commercial kitchens is a thing of the past. FiltaFry replaces damaged or worn seals of all types within a maximum of ten working days, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • FiltaDrain – Drain service: Probiotic drain cleaning based on bacterial cultures entails no aggressive chemicals. Blockages as well as unpleasant smells are eliminated naturally and in a sustainable way, and the development of fruit flies is prevented.

“While in recent years our focus was primarily on the mobile fryer service, with our additional services - FiltaSeal and FiltaDrain - we will enhance our position as cross-product commercial kitchen specialists in the German-speaking area, as well as throughout Europe.”, says FiltaFry Managing Director Jos van Aalst, who brought the franchise company, headquartered in Orlando (US), from the Netherlands to Germany in 2014.

“We are looking forward to feedback from INTEGASTRA visitors and hope to make numerous interesting contacts”, says van Aalst. “This Stuttgart trade fair is an excellent platform and a unique opportunity for us and our various services, which cut costs for the hotel and gastronomy business and enable more sustainable economic activity.”

About FiltaFry

FiltaFry – full-service mobile fryer management – was founded in 1996 in the UK and operates on a franchise basis. Today FiltaFry is established in many countries around the world and since 2015, is also active in Germany with FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH, which since 2018, belongs to the Filta Group. The concept consists of filtering and cleaning cooking oil and on-site fryer cleaning including the removal and professional disposal of waste oil. Upon request, FiltaFry delivers fresh oil and refills the fryers. Furthermore FiltaFry provides additional mobile services: the direct on-site manufacture of refrigerator seals and regular, organic drain cleaning and disinfection.

Customers include restaurants and snack bars, hotels, caterers, sports venues, leisure parks, and company and university canteens among many others. In 2017 FiltaFry was awarded the “Sustainability Project 2017” quality seal from the German Council for Sustainable Development and in 2018, the prize for excellence as a start-up from the German Institute for Service Quality. As a supplier, FiltaFry has been recommended with the Green Key eco-label since 2019 and has been distinguished in the same year as one of the three “greenest” franchise companies by the German Franchise Association. FiltaFry was among the companies nominated for the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the SME category. FiltaFry is a member of the German Franchise Association as well as the Greentable and United against Waste initiatives.

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