Press release FiltaFry, Emsbüren, 20.08.2020

A few weeks ago the Wunderland Kalkar leisure park on the Dutch border reopened its doors and is finally able to once again offer lots of recreational fun as well as limited events. Due to the coronavirus, this is of course all taking place alongside reinforced safety measures. Implementing them presents a major challenge to Managing Director Han Groot Obbink, but for him they are an absolute necessity, as this concerns the safety and health of his guests.

And so Obbink decided to expand on obligatory safety measures in order to reduce the risk of contagion to an absolute minimum. This also applies to the hotel on the premises: at its entrance, Obbink, together with FiltaFry, installed a high temperature recognition system with a thermal imaging camera. ThermoGuard from FiltaFry recognizes persons with a high temperature in real time and sounds an alarm both visually and acoustically when a certain predetermined temperature is exceeded. In the event of this happening, a hotel staff member stands ready as the contact to arrange further measures.

“This screening means that people with a fever or an increased temperature – which can be a sign of corona infection - pose as little infection risk as possible to others”, says Obbink. “This means increased safety for our guests as well as our staff.” Obbink can dispel concerns that data is unlawfully stored: “ThermoGuard neither records the measuring data nor stores the image data.”

The advantages of the free standing screening station are that is it simple to use and requires minimal manpower. Up to 30 people per second can be screened, although there is also a ‘single’ ThermoGuard version. ThermoGuard was developed for and tested in international airports. Apart from its use in hotels, it is also suitable for reception and entrance areas of companies, events, stadiums, restaurants and public buildings, without disturbing the passage of people.

“We are receiving enormous positive feedback for ThermoGuard, and for as long as the coronavirus risk continues to exist, we will continue to use it”, says Obbink. “Nevertheless we are happy that to date, the alarm has not once triggered”.

About FiltaFry

FiltaFry – full-service mobile fryer management – was founded in 1996 in the UK and operates on a franchise basis. Today FiltaFry is established in many countries around the world and since 2015, is also active in Germany with FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH, which since 2018, belongs to the Filta Group. The concept consists of filtering and cleaning cooking oil and on-site fryer cleaning including the removal and professional disposal of waste oil. Upon request, FiltaFry delivers fresh oil and refills the fryers. Furthermore FiltaFry provides additional mobile services: the direct on-site manufacture of refrigerator seals and regular, organic drain cleaning and disinfection.

Customers include restaurants and snack bars, hotels, caterers, sports venues, leisure parks, and company and university canteens among many others. In 2017 FiltaFry was awarded the “Sustainability Project 2017” quality seal from the German Council for Sustainable Development and in 2018, the prize for excellence as a start-up from the German Institute for Service Quality. As a supplier, FiltaFry has been recommended with the Green Key eco-label since 2019 and has been distinguished in the same year as one of the three “greenest” franchise companies by the German Franchise Association. FiltaFry was among the companies nominated for the 2020 German Sustainability Award in the SME category. FiltaFry is a member of the German Franchise Association as well as the Greentable and United against Waste initiatives.

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