Our values & philosophy


Everyone at Filta is prepared to use and develop their talents to the best of their ability for the benefit the company. Our readiness to deliver excellence in the tasks assigned to us is a key basis for securing the future of this company. Dedication is expected and encouraged, acknowledged and valued by management. Staff are matched to positions according to their capabilities and participate in decision-making.


We assume responsibility, working independently and thinking ahead, looking for opportunities to improve products and processes. We pay attention to mistakes and grievances, identifying and eliminating them to the best of our ability. Managers expect and encourage initiative from their employees and motivate them to actively make improvements within the company.

Ready for change

We are flexible in adapting to new goals, circumstances and requirements and are always looking for opportunities to improve. The prerequisites for this include the ability to accept criticism and take an open and constructive approach to mistakes. Our structures and processes are oriented towards the company’s goals.


Being loyal means connection and give and take in both directions. At Filta, being loyal means standing up for company goals, protecting existing resources and sharing knowledge with colleagues within the company. Loyalty also means taking care of staff and supporting them. This includes freely discussing and constructively solving problems internally first before discussing them publicly.


We trust that our staff and franchise partners act honestly. We at Filta adhere to binding agreements and communicate openly and transparently in an environment of credibility and trust. Everyone takes responsibility for their actions.


The basis of our cooperation is respect and fairness. We are tolerant of other opinions, attitudes and ways of life. We listen to each other without bias and regularly rethink our perspective. When dealing with problems, we look for the causes and try to solve them. This also applies to our interactions with business partners.


Our customers are the focus of everything we do. We ask about their needs and wishes and orient ourselves around them. Customer trust and satisfaction as well as close cooperation are prerequisites for our success.


We set high quality standards for our services and our products, as well as for every single one of us. We endeavour to carry out our work as well as possible, continually optimise our work and processes and then regularly review them.


We acknowledge our social responsibility towards our staff and take responsibility for our environment by working in an environmentally-friendly and resource-conserving way.


When selecting our products and additional services, we take particular care that these reflect our high quality criteria, ensuring that we keep our promise of sustainability to our customers.

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