We supply refrigeration seals of all kinds without lengthy waiting times

Whether for refrigerators, freezers or refrigerated counters: You can order all standard replacement seals for fridge and freezer doors from us at a fair price.

Please provide us with the measures of the seal to be replaced and the profile.

You will receive the correct seal from us within a short time and can fit it yourself.

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We have been using Filta’s sealing service for some time now. Our seals are replaced quickly and smoothly. Lengthy waiting times, which used to be the norm, are finally in the past. Also in terms of inspections, we’re now on the safe side and don’t have to worry about anything. I would highly recommend this service.
Jürgen Wirtz, Wirtz Gastronomie & Großküchenausstattung (Commercial kitchen equipment company)

Your benefit

You reduce your costs of replacing seals by up to 40%.

You avoid unnecessary downtime and time delay.

You save energy and operate more sustainably.

You always meet your environmental and health requirements.

Did you know that...

...a defective or damaged refrigeration door seal can lead to your appliance consuming 3 times more energy?

...damaged seals allow cool air to escape from the appliance, negatively affecting both the efficiency of your refrigeration device as well as your electricity bill?

Continuously well-functioning seals improve your sustainability rating

Fast seal replacement saves energy

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