Always clean fryers and filtered oil: Cost-saving and sustainability rolled into one

Fryer-related tasks are among the least popular with your employees. We’re happy to take on this work on a regular basis in your kitchen and as often as needed.

We provide complete fryer management including quality measurement, professional fryer cleaning and microfiltration of the oil. You ease the burden on your employees, save costs and time and operate in a more sustainable way. Another plus: your fried food tastes noticeably better and is healthier.

Filta Fritteusenservice

We provide the following services

We work on the premises in your kitchen: on a regular basis and as often as required.

We always measure the quality of the oil beforehand.

We professionally clean your fryers.

We filter your oil on a microbasis with our specially patented mobile filtration machine and refill your fryers.

We regularly check whether your fryers are working smoothly and calibrate the temperature if necessary.

We’re happy to advise you on all aspects of fryers and will of course, document everything entirely.

I’m happy that thanks to Filta, I’m able to relieve my staff and they can work even more safely. Ever since I learned about Filta, I know that we can deep-fry more sustainably while still cutting costs.
Felix Jacques, Head of Department University Catering Bonn

Full Service Fryer Management

FiltaFry Fritteusenservice

These are the benefits

Fewer frying costs
Microfiltration filters out up to 99% of carbon residues. This can extend the life of the oil by up to 100%. This cuts what you need in half, reducing your oil costs.

Fewer downtimes in the kitchen
The fryers are professionally cleaned by us and are ready for use within a short period of time.

Reduced labour costs
You don’t have to pay for your kitchen staff to clean the fryers anymore.

Health and safety risks minimised
When a trained professional takes care of your fryers, the risk of accidents decreases, resulting in fewer staff absences.

Improved food quality, less frying odour
Oil that is always flawless along with clean and hygenic fryers ensure better quality of fried food and significantly reduce odours.

Fryers before and after

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Discover the many advantages of our fryer service in this video.

What does the fryer service mean for your sustainability rating?

Ecological - Oil consumption is reduced by approx. 50%, using and wasting fewer resources

Economic - sparing use of resources, more efficient processes in the kitchen

Social - kitchen workers are relieved of duties and work more safely

Cultural - We are happy to advise food service professionals on the subject of frying oil. Many Filta customers already reject environmentally-harmful, cheaper, palm oil in favour of longer-lasting quality oils. We also demonstrate that oil doesn’t always have to be disposed of straight away, but can be filtered multiple times.

Food service professionals who save 5,000 litres of frying oil through our regular microfiltration method use approx. 8 tonnes less CO2. That is the equivalent to newly planting around 900 trees*.

*Find out here which and how many fewer resources are used along the production and supply chain with a saving of 5,000 litres of frying oil.

Let us microfilter your oil and extend its life by up to 100%.

Oil before and after
All information on our unique mobile fryer management service and other benefits can be viewed at a glance in this flyer.

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