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The Filta Group has been at the forefront of fats, oil and grease management solutions for over 20 years and has always evolved with the demands of the market. As specialists and partners in fats, oil and grease, we are unique in the scope of our service and are happy to offer you a complete service solution should you so choose.

Our many years of experience tell us that every location is unique. That’s why we don’t take the one size fits all, approach to fats, oil and grease management, but rather we decide on a solution together with you based on your individual requirements and specifications.

FiltaFOG Cyclone Installation

Our service

Information & training - We train your employees and review current grease management, including checklists for staff.

Follow up - Following installation we check in subsequent visits, whether the system is working smoothly and efficiently. We establish a service and maintenance programme, check the logbooks and give talks to your staff.

Support & maintenance - We administer and manage the maintenance plan and ensure that the staff responsible receive a maintence guide.

Conformity & documentation - You can rest assured that you are collecting, storing and disposing of waste oil according to legal requirements. We’ll be happy to take care of the documentation required for this as well.

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The complete solution

Efficient grease separation with the FiltaFOG Cyclone

Efficient grease separation with the FiltaFOG Cyclone

  • Highly durable construction, no plastic parts, few individual parts
  • Unique, two-phase grease separation and recovery system
  • Various sizes, simple to use, easy to maintain

Scheduled service and maintenance

  • Trained and reliable service technicians
  • Before and after photos demonstrate results and quality
  • Efficiency and service life of the system is maximised
Scheduled service and maintenance
Professionally installed

Professionally installed

  • Standard installation, retrofitting, custom installation
  • Flexible installation team available
  • Kitchen is left clean and tidy
I would recommend Filta to anyone who has problems with FOG in their drains and wants to make their site compliant with all regulations at very short notice.
The Master Mariner, Brighton (GB), Trust Inns

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