Blocked drains? Unpleasant odours? Never again!

Our chemical-free drain cleaning is the sustainable alternative to conventional methods.We clean drains in kitchens, counters and toilets with probiotic drain foam especially developed for Filta. Bacterial cultures combat oil, grease and other organic waste in a natural, biological way.

Our service partners treat your drains regularly.

Bacteria simply „eat“ blockages away.

Regular maintenance prevents blockages over the long term.

Probiotische Abflussreinigung

How it works

The live ProBiotics in DrainFoam immediately multiply and start eating the grime that cause drain problems.

Within a few weeks, DrainFoam begins to clear the pipe and targets new pockets of organic material.

After a month, DrainFoam treatments keep drains clean, maintenance free and smelling fresh.

This video shows you how our drainage service works.

The benefits

  • Prevents drain problems
  • Eradicates fruit fly breeding grounds
  • Controls sugar snakes
  • Prevents clogs & backups
  • Eliminates odors
  • Reduces emergency calls

Real world application

At the University of Alabama (USA), blockages, odours and drain flies were found at many sites. The use of FiltaDrain and its impact was recorded in detail. Read more about it here.

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