Jérôme Clement, France’s first Filta franchise partner, launches mobile fryer, oil and grease management services in the Lyon region

Press release, 25/06/2021

Jérôme Clement, France’s first Filta franchise partner, launches mobile fryer, oil and grease management services in the Lyon region

Filta Managing Director Jos van Aalst (left) and Jérôme Clement (right) following the contract signing and successful certification process

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Following 23 years in sales for a national provider of telecommunication services and solutions, Jérôme Clement was looking for a new professional challenge that would satisfy his approach to ecological responsibility and action. Ideally it would be concept without significant competition in France, which he could newly establish on the market and whose innovative technology could offer his future customers real added value in terms of sustainability and environmental protection.

After a few months of research and intensive discussions, an agreement between the European management of the Filta Group and Jérôme Clement has now been reached to launch the Filta franchise system in France. From now on, the focus of this new franchise partner’s professional life will revolve around unique mobile services for fryers, oil and grease, that are supplemented by other environmentally-friendly services.

Filta services reduce oil consumption by up to 50%

Filta customers, which include caterers, restaurants, local authorities as well as fast food restaurants, schools, camping sites and hotels, can reduce their oil consumption by up to 50% thanks to Filta’s mobile fryer management services. Because of regular and professional fryer cleaning as well as microfiltration of the oil with the patented filtration machine on site, the cooking life of the oil can be doubled.

“I am very excited to see how French food service professionals will respond to our new service. They can certainly benefit from what we have to offer”, says Jérôme Clement. “I think there are many large kitchens, restaurants or food producers who want to work more efficiently, more safely and more cost-effectively, while unburdening their staff at the same time. Increasingly there are also more restaurants in France with a focus on sustainability and protecting resources when it comes to food use”, explains Clement.

The 51-year-old is starting off with two employees and will initially concentrate on new customer acquisition and expanding his business on a regional basis in order to establish Filta services on a national level in France in a few months’ time as a master franchisor.

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Filta - mobile full service around the deep fryer - was founded in the UK in 1996 and operates on a franchise basis. It is now established in many countries around the world and has also been active in Germany and Austria (since 2018) since 2015 with FiltaFry Deutschland GmbH, which has been part of the Filta Group since 2018. The concept includes filtering and cleaning the cooking oil as well as cleaning the fryers on site, including acceptance and professional disposal of the used oil. Filta delivers fresh oil on request and takes care of refilling the fryers. In addition, Filta offers other mobile services: direct on-site manufacture of refrigerator seals, regular chemical-free drain cleaning and disinfection, and state-of-the-art solutions in the field of grease separation and permanent cleaning of fume hoods. Customers include restaurants and snack bars, hotels, caterers, sports venues, amusement parks, refectories, canteens and many more.

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