McDonald's Ratingen successfully uses the new „FiltaFOG Cyclone“ grease recovery unit

News Internal, 18/01/2023

McDonald's Ratingen successfully uses the new „FiltaFOG Cyclone“ grease recovery unit

Torsten Rolf (Director Operations, McDonald's Ratingen, Germany) has been using the "FiltaFOG Cyclone" grease recovery unit for several months now.

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We have already been using the new Filta grease recovery unit in our McDonald’s branch in Ratingen for a few months. The “FiltaFOG Cyclone” ensures that a maximum of oil and grease residues are separated from the rinsing water before it even enters the sewage system and grease residues can deposit on the inside of the pipes.

The oil comes out of the grease recovery unit in such a quality that we can collect it and have it processed in an environmentally friendly way, thus making an additional contribution to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainability in terms of disposal.

Torsten Rolf, Director Operations Marcus Prünte McDonald’s Restaurants

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